Advanced Robotics Research Group
Advanced Robotics is a research group under Mechatronics Field of Study, Industrial Systems Engineering Department, School of Engineering and Technology. It is supervised by Prof. Manukid Parnichkun. This research group focuses on the design of new and advanced robotics mechanisms and controllers. Robot prototypes are always developed and tested. The current projects include intelligent vehicles, bicycle robots, unicycle robots, exoskeleton robots, rehabilitation machines, automatic guided vehicles, laser guided vehicles, robot manipulators and multiple robot cooperation.
Contact: Prof. Manukid Parnichkun,
Location: Advanced Robotics Laboratory (ISE 112-114)
Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control (NDSC) Group
The Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control (NDSC) Laboratory in ISE at AIT provides the research experiences and instruction in dynamics and control of nonlinear systems, specially involved with aerospace engineering and human brain control. The NDSC founded by Dr. Weon Keun Song in 2017 will be the core laboratory in AIT.
Contact: Dr. Weon Keun Song, <>
Location: Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control (NDSC) Laboratory (ISE 118-119)
A-Cube Research Group
A-Cube Research Group was formed  more than a decade ago and named after its initial three “A” areas which were Adaptive Layered Manufacturing, Abrasive Waterjet Technology and Automotive Technology. Today, A-Cube focuses it effort on customer-oriented manufacturing that includes design for customer experience, co-created product design,   image-based additive manufacturing from 3D CAD models, reverse engineering and sketch-based modeling, and flexible automation for rapid personalized production. Besides, the group also actives in additive manufacturing for tissue engineering.
Contact: Pisut Koomsap, <>
Location: ISE 235
Operation Research Group
Operation Research Group is a research group under Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Area of Specialization, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering.  This research group focuses on the applications of OR&MS knowledge to help find solutions for various complicated problems in manufacturing and service industries.  Development of solution techniques for large scale optimization problems in logistic and supply chain networks is also of interest of the group.
Contact: Dr. Huynh Trung Luong, <>
Location: ISE 236
Internet of Things (IOT) Research Group
IOT is a research group under Microelectronics and Embedded Systems Field of Study, Industrial Systems Engineering Department, School of Engineering and Technology. It is under the supervision of Dr. Mongkol Ekpanyapong. This research area spans from Embedded Systems Design, FPGA Design, High Performance Computing, Computer Vision, and Agritronics. IOT research group also has a close collaboration with AIT Vision Laboratory and Internet Education and Research Laboratory (InterLab).
Contact: Dr. Mongkol Ekpanyapong, <>
Location: ISE 214
Motion Control and Haptics Research Group
This group is lead by Dr. Harsha Abeykoon who is attached to the Dept. of Industrial Systems Engineering of the AIT. This research group focuses on precise motion control technologies which are essential in robotics. We commonly use Reaction Torque Observer (RTOB) and Disturbance Observer (DOB) to achieve robust motion control. We  have successfully developed and applied motion control techniques to tele-operation, rehabilitation, vehicle stability control and mobile robot navigational applications. We hope to expand the horizons of research for the betterment of the society.
Contacts: Dr. Harsha Abeykoon, <>
Laboratory: 116A-B