ISE department has launched a new academic program on Medical Engineering. This Program will train future professional figures, playing a relevant role in the regional medical sector over the next years. Medical Engineering, in its widest definition, aims to increase health quality by providing technologically advanced solutions tailored to the customer, innovating modern medicine via the methods and the tools typical of engineering, approaching healthcare challenges and creating new opportunities in academia and industry. 

Medical Engineering is an interdisciplinary program primarily merging robotics, biological, and medical sciences. It is designed for students with scientific backgrounds in chemistry, biology, health & life sciences, medicine, nursing, engineering fields and biomedical fields. The Master program is offered under the School of Engineering and Technology (SET).

The program courses include but do not limit to the following.

• Biomaterials for Medical Engineers (required)
• Physiology for Medical Engineers (required)
• Biomechanics (elective)
• Tissue Engineering and Prosthetics (elective)
• Medical Instrumentation and Imaging (elective)

• Human Anatomy and Physiology (elective)