1. An Economic Order Quantity Model with Imperfect Quality
  2. An Influence of Tether Vibration Control on TSS Orbital Position and TSS
  3. An Optimized Real Time Camera based Human Fall Detection Using Raspberry Pi 3
  4. Analyzing a Supplier’s Decision under the Combination of Long-Term
  5. Application of SMED Methodology and Scheduling in High_Mix Low
  6. Automatic Unknown Environment Searching and Map Making of a Mobile Robot Using Laser Range Finder and Reflectors
  7. Autonomous Navigation and Operation of the Power Tiller in Wet Paddy Fields
  8. Car Parking Occupancy Detection using YOLOv3
  10. Convolutional Neural Network-Based Object Detection Model
  11. Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi3 for Face Recognition
  12. Deposition of Metal Oxide Thin Films Using the Spark Deposition Method and their Application as Anti-reflection Coatings
  13. Detection and Classification Based on Radar and Vision Image Data Using Deep Learning Networks
  14. Detection of Human Presence and Status of Electric Appliances for Home Automation and Human Tracking using Video Surveillance
  15. Development and Attitude Control of a 3-Axis Satellite Platform
  16. Development and Control of a Mobile Double Inverted Pendulum
  17. Development and Control of a Rotary Double Inverted Pendulum
  18. Development and Motion Control of a 2 DOF Four-legged Robot with External Force Interaction Development and Navigation of a Hybrid Omni-mecanum Wheel Robot Platform
  19. Development of Product Flow-Based Pallet Assembly for Multiple-Size Tile Custom Mosaic Design
  20. Development of Smart Manufacturing for Tiling Automation of Custom Mosaic Design
  21. Development of a ferrofluid-based soft actuator with magnetic field optimization
  22. Development of a Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Slow Moving Items
  23. Development of Baby Cry Monitoring Device
  24. Development of Cardiac Murmurs Detection System
  25. Development of Collaborative Additive Manufacturing
  26. Development of Color Sorting Unit for Uniform Size Mosaic Tile
  27. Fabrication of Titanium Dioxide Coated Stainless Steel Mesh Filters for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Improvement by Clue-Based Failure Mode Identification-converted
  28. Hardware Acceleration of CNN Based Object Detection Architecture
  29. Improve the Efficiency of a Plastic Film Capacitor Assembly Line (yu-ting hsieg st119996)
  30. Improving Computer-Aided Design for Design for Additive Manufacturing
  31. Job Shop Reschduling under Rush Order Arrivals
  32. Multi task processing AI System Design Report
  33. Nanoparticle Embedded Acrylic Polymer Coating For Enhanced Optical Transmittance
  34. Optimization of Medical Material Warehouse Management Policy
  35. Preparation and Characterization of Polyacrylic-Silica Nanocomposite by Soap-Free Emulsion Polymerization Method
  36. Preparation of Superhydrophobic and Anti-Corrosion Coating on Steel by One-Step Electrodeposition
  37. Race Classification Using YOLO Based on Human Face
  38. Reducing the Impact of Disruptions in Supply Chains with the use of Supply Contracts Agreement
  39. Sensorless Omnidirectional Force Control of Mecanum Wheeled Mobile Robot and
  40. Supply Chain Network Design under Distribution Center Disruption
  41. Thai Digit Recognition on License Plates using YoloV3
  42. The Influence of Pendulum Motion of an Elastic Tether on Orbit Deviation and Orbital Maneuvering of TSS
  43. Using a Combination of Option and Quantity Flexibility Contracts to Deal with Supply Disruption
  44. Visual SLAM and Human Recognition System of a Legged