Period of study:


Current job:

CEO, Foodstubs Inc. New Jersey, USA

AIT experience:


My experience in the Industrial Systems Engineering was tremendous. I found the course curriculum to be very challenging but rewarding. My degree in Industrial Engineering and Management provided an ideal blending of a practical engineering management with the important science of engineering.

Studying IE&M at AIT helped me develop the critical thinking skills I use each day when making recommendations to management regarding the customer’s requirement implications of attracting new customers, developing new products, or utilizing new business strategies. In its simplest form, studying IE&M helped me develop a mindset focused on the principles of opportunity cost, scarcity of resources, and optimization, as well as an emphasis on unintended consequences and the power of negotiation.


Message to current and Prospective ISE student:


The versatility of a degree from ISE is why I consider it one of the best majors available. You are not limited to a specific industry; not limited to a specific role. Industrial engineers are hired to do many different things and, ultimately, are well positioned to be leaders in whatever business they choose.