Functional Biomaterials and Smart Devices is a research group under Bio-Nano Materials Science and Engineering Field of Study, Industrial Systems Engineering Department, School of Engineering and Technology. It is supervised by Dr. Raffaele Ricco. This research group focuses on Bionanomaterials and biocomposites, Sol-gel synthesis, Functional nanoparticles, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Biomolecules/materials interaction. The current projects include the development of SPR-based sensors for disease biomarkers, and new immobilization protocols for fluorescence immunosensors.

Research interests:

Hybrid Materials

Nanoporous biocomposites
Bioactive surfaces
Drug delivery

Selected Publications: 

1. Alt, K., Carraro, F., Jap, E., Linares-Moreau, M., Ricco, R., Righetto, M., Bogar, M., Amenitsch, H., Hashad, R. A., Doonan, C., Hagemeyer, C. E., & Falcaro, P. (2021). “Self-Assembly of Oriented Antibody-Decorated Metal-Organic Framework Nanocrystals for Active Targeting Applications” Advanced Materials, 2106607. – Impact factor: 30.85

2. Ricco, R., Wied, P., Nidetzky, B., Amenitsch, H., & Falcaro, P. (2020). “Magnetically responsive horseradish peroxidase@ZIF-8 for biocatalysis” Chemical Communications, 56(43), 5775–5778. – Impact factor: 6.22

3. Poddar, A., Conesa, J. J., Liang, K., Dhakal, S., Reineck, P., Bryant, G., Pereiro, E., Ricco, R., Amenitsch, H., Doonan, C., Mulet, X., Doherty, C. M., Falcaro, P., & Shukla, R. (2019). “Encapsulation, Visualization and Expression of Genes with Biomimetically Mineralized Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8).” Small, 15(36), 1902268. – Impact factor: 13.28

4. Ricco, R., Liang, W., Li, S., Gassensmith, J. J., Caruso, F., Doonan, C., & Falcaro, P. (2018). “Metal–Organic Frameworks for Cell and Virus Biology: A Perspective” ACS Nano, 12(1), 13–23. – Impact factor: 15.88

5. Liang, W., Ricco, R., Maddigan, N. K., Dickinson, R. P., Xu, H., Li, Q., Sumby, C. J., Bell, S. G., Falcaro, P., & Doonan, C. J. (2018). “Control of Structure Topology and Spatial Distribution of Biomacromolecules in Protein@ZIF-8 Biocomposites” Chemistry of Materials, 30(3), 1069–1077. – Impact factor: 9.81

6. Hoop, M., Walde, C. F., Ricco, R., Mushtaq, F., Terzopoulou, A., Chen, X.-Z., deMello, A. J., Doonan, C. J., Falcaro, P., Nelson, B. J., Puigmartí-Luis, J., & Pané, S. (2018). “Biocompatibility characteristics of the metal organic framework ZIF-8 for therapeutical applications” Applied Materials Today, 11, 13–21. – Impact factor: 10.04

7. Doonan, C., Ricco, R., Liang, K., Bradshaw, D., & Falcaro, P. (2017). “Metal−Organic Frameworks at the Biointerface: Synthetic Strategies and Applications” Accounts of Chemical Research, 50(6), 1423–1432. – Impact factor: 22.38

8. Liang, K., Ricco, R., Doherty, C. M., Styles, M. J., Bell, S., Kirby, N., Mudie, S., Haylock, D., Hill, A. J., Doonan, C. J., & Falcaro, P. (2015). “Biomimetic mineralization of metal-organic frameworks as protective coatings for biomacromolecules” Nature Communications, 6, 7240. – Impact factor: 14.92

9. Jeong, G.-Y., Ricco, R., Liang, K., Ludwig, J., Kim, J.-O., Falcaro, P., & Kim, D.-P. (2015). “Bioactive MIL-88A framework hollow spheres via interfacial reaction in-droplet microfluidics for enzyme and nanoparticle encapsulation” Chemistry of Materials, 27(23), 7903–7909. – Impact factor: 9.81

10. Ricco, R., Meneghello, A., & Enrichi, F. (2011). “Signal enhancement in DNA microarray using dye doped silica nanoparticles: Application to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) detection” Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 26(5), 2761–2765. – Impact factor: 10.20

**Master student

** Doctoral student

Contact: Dr.Raffaele Ricco

Location: Nanotech Outreach building, 2nd floor