Period of study at AIT:
  • Eng. : August 2008 – May 2010
  • Eng. : August 2010 – December 2015


Current job:
  • Monk
How does my experience at AIT benefit my current job:

I have obtained both my M.Eng. (Microelectronics) and D.Eng. (Microelectronics and Embedded Systems) from MES at AIT. During my study, I had a good opportunity to learn on various interesting subjects related to the areas of Microelectronics and Embedded Systems from several academic faculty, external researchers, and industrial experts. I had gained hands-on experience from modern facilities and advanced laboratory provided by the department. With the collaboration between AIT and external partner institutions, I also had a chance to participate with overseas internship programs in which allowing me to experience and join with the top leading research group throughout my academic program. My experience at AIT during my study benefits me for both personal development with friendly environment and my early professional career throughout the excellent academic program. At present, I am not involving in the area of my study at AIT for my current job.

Message for current and prospective students:

Being a graduate of the MES program of AIT, the students will have an opportunity to join with local research institution and collaborating universities overseas throughout internship and academic exchange programs. The students will be provided with up-to-date academic curriculum with hands-on experiment experience for laboratory sessions. The program provides excellent academic coursework meeting to the need of industry requirements. The infrastructure and facilities inside the campus allow the students to enjoy their living, including cafeterias, library, gym, and swimming pool. The current and prospective students will have a great opportunity to explore their life throughout academic study with international friendly environment while studying at AIT.