The Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control (NDSC) Laboratory in ISE at AIT provides the research experiences and instruction in dynamics and control of nonlinear systems, specially involved with space tethered satellite system maneuvering. The second research interest is about CNN based image detection and classification for an autonomous vehicle driving system. The simulations contain not only dynamic images but electromagnetic wave based images using YOLO and a back bone EnsembleNet. The NDSC founded by Dr. Weon Keun Song in 2017 will be the core laboratory in AIT.

Current Research

  • Nonlinear Dynamic system analysis
  • Space tethered satellite system
  • Lyapunov based nonlinear control
  • Artificial intelligence
  • CNN based image detection and classification
  • Simulation on electromagnetic wave based image detection
  • Autonomous vehicle driving system

ContactDr. WeonKeun Song, <>

LocationISE 118-119