Study at AIT :

D.Eng (Mechatronics)
August 2005 – May 2010

Current Job:

Vincent Mary School of Engineering, Assumption University, Thailand.
Position: Dean

How does your experience at AIT benefit your current job?

The professors at AIT taught me the art of teaching and learning. The professors respect the individuality and creativity of the students and are always there to guide and encourage them. The Professors at AIT have a good personal relationship with the students and it has really inspired and touched me. I have tried to implement that mood of personal care, love and service attitude in the lecturer’s at Assumption University as well.

Message to the current and prospective ISE students?

AIT is a place where students can enhance his/her learning skills under the guidance of experienced professors. The expert professors guide you towards a bright future and prospective career. Tough course at the University prepares the students for success in upcoming future. You learn to work hard and persevere to meet your goals at AIT. I am certain you will have a great time studying at AIT.