1. A Framework of New Product Development Process Based on Service-Dominant Logic
  2. An Exponential Risk Assessment for Customer-Oriented FMEA
  3. Approaches for Spare Part Inventory
  4. Control Chart for CNC Machining Process at SST Vietnam Factory-ver08
  5. Design and Development of Rapid Prototyping for Kids
  6. Developing an Effective Model of Demand Forecasting for a Thai Beverage Packaging Company
  7. Development of a Clamping Device for Six Face Machining
  8. Development of a Stair-Climbing Robot
  9. Disturbance Rejection and Balancing Control of a Quadruped Robot
  10. Improving Production Scheduling at Nutifood
  11. Innovative Design for Customer Experience
  12. Inventory Positioning in a Distribution Network
  13. Life Cycle Assessment of a Printing Toner Cartridge Comparative Study for Different End of Life (EoL) Scenarios in AIT Campus
  14. Longitudinal Control of an Intelligent Vehicle Using PSO-Based SMC
  15. Option Contract in One Supplier – Two Retailers Supply Chain with Limited Supply Capacity
  16. Option Contract with Put and Call Option A Case of One Buyer and Two Suppliers
  17. Parallel Shortest Path Algorithms for Graphics Processing Units
  18. Position control of a Ball on an Imbalanced Segway using an LQR Controller
  19. Product Flow-Based Tiling Automation for Mosaic Creation from
  20. Production Sequencing and Scheduling in Vietnam Lubricants and
  21. Solvent Effects on Electrospun 3D Scaffold with Electrospinning-Based Rapid Prototyping (ESRP) Technique
  22. Studies on Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanorods for Piezoelectric Applications and Design of Electrodes for Piezoenergy Harvesting
  23. The Impact of Solder Width and Submount Gold Thickness Impact to Integrated Slider Assembly Camber
  24. Vendor–Managed Inventory Policies Vibration and Position Control of an Overhead Crane