Period of study at AIT:
  • MSc: August 2010 – May 2012
  • D.: January 2015 – December 2018
Current Job

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology, University of Vocational Technology, Sri Lanka


How does my experience at AIT benefit my current job

I have obtained both my MSc and Ph.D. from ISE-AIT in the field of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. There, I was able to get a good academic and research experience. At present, I am working as a Senior Lecturer at a university in Sri Lanka. The knowledge and academic exposure I gained from the ISE programme immensely help me to carry out the functions of my job as a university academic. Especially the research experience I got from ISE made me very confident in teaching and research activities in my university.


Message for current and prospective students

Being a graduate of the ISE programme of AIT, I can confidently state that I gained far more than I anticipated. I was lucky to be a student of world-renowned academics of various countries who have extensive knowledge, professional and research expertise. The study programmes at ISE are very well organized, curricula are up to date and in par with current industry requirements. The facilities and other infrastructure in the institute are above the standards, and the staff is extremely helpful.  Apart from the academic life, I had the opportunity to live in a diversified environment with many students from different countries that allowed me to learn how to collaborate with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and cultures and eventually to build up a good network. The current and prospective students, obtain your postgraduate degree from this excellent study programme, enjoy every moment of your life at AIT, and rediscover yourself.