1. A Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for Integrated Planning of Harvesting and Post-harvesting Operations for Agricultural Products
  2. A New Design of One-Handed Lipstick Packaging
  3. A New Semi-Automatic GTAW Method Developed on the Basis of Experiments on the Geometric Reconstruction of Deteriorating High Pressure Compressor Blades
  4. Adaptive Virtual Compliance Controller for Bilateral Teleoperation
  5. An Experimental Study of Feasible Deployment of V2I Technology using OLSR in Road Bends Analysis of the Power System Stability of Islanding Mode of a Micro Hydro Power Plant with PID and Fuzzy (17.07.2017)
  6. Assembly Line Balancing and Optimization Using SIEMENS
  7. Automatic Gate Authentication System for RFID Tags and Thai ID Cards
  8. Coagulant Dosage Determination Using Neural Networks and ANFIS in Drinking Water Treatment Plant
  9. Container Unloading Scheduling Problem A Case Study of Nabati Vietnam Company Limited
  10. Design and Implementation of a Wristband Style Elderly Fall Detection System with Acceleration Threshold, Velocity Threshold and Quaternion Data
  11. Design of Self-heating Instant Noodle Packaging
  12. Development and Control of a Stick Robot Using Two Reaction Wheels
  13. Development of a Domestic Active Solar Water Heating system
  14. Development of a Feet Gait Generator for Rehabilitation
  15. Development of a Lost Sales Inventory Policy for the Growth Stage of Short Life Cycle Non Deteriorating Products
  16. Development of a Pendulum-Based Spherical Robot
  17. Development of a Segway-Type Wheelchair
  18. Development of a Self-Depth and Self-Heading Controlled Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
  19. Digital Signal Processing of ECG signals to Diagnose Heart Diseases
  20. Dissertation Development and Control of a Unicycle Robot_18_4_2560
  21. distribution level packaging design of pomegranate
  22. Drowsiness Detection by using Frequency of blinks, Diameter and Blink duration Using IR Sensors
  23. Examining The Influence Of Product’s Quality Towards The Ease Of Use Of A Product At Different Stages Of Product’s Usage
  24. High Impedance Actuator Fusion A New Concept for a Haptic System
  25. High Performance Parallelized Architecture for Hardware Acceleration of Real
  27. Influence of the Bulk Viscosity on the Plastic Injection Parameters during Packing (edition I)
  28. Innovative Packaging of Processed Cheese
  29. Inventory Policy for Raw Materials and Accessories at NS Bluescope Lysaght Vietnam
  30. Inventory Replenishment Policy for a Deteriorating Item with Stochastic Demand Allowing Shortages and Partial Backlogging
  31. Knowledge and Technology Transfer Levels and Key Factors in Implementation of CADCAMCAE Systems in
  33. Master-Thesis_Final version
  34. Meta-Heuristic for a Multi-Objective Multi-Commodity Distribution Network with Environmental Considerations (2)
  35. Meta-Heuristic for a Multi-Objective Multi-Commodity Distribution Network with Environmental Considerations
  36. Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Selecting a 5-Axis Machine Tool
  37. Optimal Production Quantity under Bidirectional Option Contract
  38. Optimization of Biomass Power Plants Based on Rubber Wood
  39. Report- Akhila Madhushan Jayasekara
  40. Robot-aided Rehabilitation and Tele-rehabilitation Systems Design with Sensorless Torque Control
  41. Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Navigation with Unreliable GPS Data
  42. Sensorless Terrain Estimation and Longitudinal Acceleration Suppression for a Wheeled Mobile Robot
  43. st 117789 thesis file
  44. Synthesis and Characterization of Chemically Modified Porous and Luminescent Silica Nanoparticles
  45. The Optimization of Automatic TIG Welding Repairs for INCONNEL 718 Compressor Blades by Response Surface Design