AIT experience

In 21st Century, we live in a global village. To cope up with the modern era we must become global citizens. In this time we have to think beyond our borders. Not only the technological sectors but also cultures and norms also crossed the international border through the World Wide Web. Nowadays, one graduate from one country can set their career easily in another country. To be a cosmopolitan Asian Institute of Technology plays a vital role.

AIT taught me how to accept the multicultural environment and how this multicultural atmosphere can change anybody’s life positively. At present, my career goal is developing home appliances to make our life easier and that can make a global impact. Nowadays, a developing concept or information is spreading more than air and the development task is done by different people from different countries. In my personal opinion, AIT helps me to become a global citizen and gives me a doorway for a bright future. Moreover, this institute designed me to work under pressure. Hence, I believe this is truly a big achievement for me to be an alumni of this institute. I pay my homage to this institute can contribute in future to provide an excellent academic curriculum and multicultural environment.