Dr.Chavis Srichan

Period of study
  • Phd 2012-2018.
Current job

Lecturer and Researcher at Khon Kaen University

How does your experience at AIT benefit your current job?

It was a fruitful experience. I gained both high-quality courses, great supervisors and supports from many officers. I brought the knowledge and ideas for creative thinking in innovation and engineering from AIT. For a few years after graduation, I invented many products such as non-invasive glucose sensor, non-invasive AKI diagnosis, Telemedicine system with AI-assisted, Real-time tuberculosis counter from microscopy, TB Pillbox Telepharmacy  System, KKU Real-time Portable PM Cloud Sensors, Smart glass for water-intake controlled patients, Mobile and Desktop Application for Big Data Acquisition in Agriculture, etc. (6 software licenses, 2 patents, and Q1 journal publications)

Message to the current and prospective ISE students?

Thinking and planning well could yield higher productivity than perseverance without well-planned. However, backup plans must be prepared for any worst-case scenarios that might occurred.

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