Period of study at AIT: August 2010 ~ December 2015

Currently, I am working as Marrie Currie Career Fit Plus Research Fellow at Technological University Dublin engaged as a principal investigator with a road pavement condition monitoring company in Galway Ireland. While I am on sabbatical from National University of Sciences and Technology where I work as an Assistant Professor and was a Co-PI at National Center for Robotics and Automation Pakistan.

As an electrical engineer with a strong passion for computer vision and image processing, I have always been interested in solving real-world societal problems. At AIT during my PhD studies, I learned to apply critical thinking and knowledge to develop commercially viable products. I have won several awards including a NUST Faculty Development Fellowship, a Visiting Researcher Scholarship to Japan, a travel grants to present my research at a conference in Portugal and best poster award at the 2014 Asian Institute of Technology Research Exhibition during my tenure at AIT.

I secured a R&D job at a multinational company, known as XYZPrinting Inc, through AIT job fair, where I applied my knowledge gained at AIT that enabled us to develop commercial products. As part of my work at XYZPrinting, three patents were filed to US, Chinese and EU patent agencies and granted later in 2019. Following this, I returned to academia to fulfil my obligation to work at NUST for five years. At NUST, I focus on applied research in image processing and machine learning for precision agriculture and consumer products. I have secured five research grants and three development projects, all of which are either successfully completed or on track to be completed. My experience at AIT enabled collaboration with diverse researchers in Thailand, Australia, Israel, Russia, Czechia, France, Japan, Taiwan, Saudia Arabia, China, and Ireland. My strong interpersonal skills developed at AIT allow me to interact with a wide range of stakeholders, to build effective relationships and manage project partners.

I choose AIT for many reasons, including: its productivity in terms of research output (e.g., publications and licensable technology), the quality of training, research mentorship, access to high quality facilities, and international collaboration and exposure. My international work experience gain at AIT has led to better career prospects and life experiences.

For a long-term career goals, AIT is an excellent next step as it allows you to apply your research skills in an international environment, provides you an important peer network, and provides adequate logistical resources. The research work at AIT focuses to solve a complex, real word societal problems, by combining academic and industry knowledge towards developing commercially viable products. You should feel no barriers applying to Asian Institute of Technology, as the international aspect of AIT appeals, working with people from other backgrounds exposes you to different working styles, forcing you to develop stronger communication skills and confidence.