Period of study at AIT:
  • Phd 2009 – 2013
Current Job:

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand

How does your experience at AIT benefit your current job:

“I had a really good experience there. At AIT, I learned a lot about research methodology and knowledge in the field of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, which I did not know previously. I have improved my creative and research skills to enhance the ability to identify problems or issues, conduct literature review, think rationally and analyze information, and come up with viable solutions to those problems in a manner that brings me to a solution in my workplace, KMITL. Using these guidelines, I have been able to make a good research paper. I have received a certificate of achievement for excellence in contributing to the enhancement of the KMITL reputation for the second-consecutive year, 2018 and 2019. In addition, my experience at AIT helps not only me but also my students at KMITL to set the right tone for our successful journey in research. I am able to grow and develop myself professionally.”

Message to the current and prospective ISE students:

“AIT is a good place to study. The staff take care of their students. In addition to all that experience, AIT will give you a depth in field that short programs and work experience can’t provide you. AIT includes courses on theory and research that give you the proficiency in science and math. All of these courses, projects, exams and group work will give you the critical thinking experience and confidence to perform duties competitively and satisfactorily in the workplace.”